* They don’t move at all! In ear canal ear buds that enclose a micro speaker so you can insert the bud deep enough so they     don’t move and block out sound!
* Not your regular bluetooth headphones, most headphones move around… or don’t fit everyone’s ear! These are IN ear canal ear buds.
* High intensity exercise approved, focus on your workout and not your headphones! You won’t need to adjust them once!
Sweat and waterproof so they can withstand your sweatiest of workouts, and also endure the rain!
* Long battery life with shortened cord! Makes these bluetooth headphones extremely convenient! 12 hrs – 8hrs depending on the volume.
* Do you like to listen to audio books when mowing the lawn or working in the shop? These help cut down on outside noise.
* Battery life: 12 hours on 60% volume 10 hours on 80% volume 8 hours on 100% volume
* Allows you to take incoming calls and end calls.
* Easy to use controller


Snug Phones are not your typical Bluetooth headphones.
* They are designed to stay in your ear at all times, and NEVER move.
* Patented design encloses a high resolution micro speaker, that fits inside of the ear, rather than on the outside of the bud/ear like conventional headphones.
* Created for high intensity exercise and while wearing a tight full face helmet or in the shop.
* Snug Phones can be your solution if you are doing high intensity workouts or if you are a bike enthusiast and need a pair of headphones that allow the helmet fit flush to your ear.
* We use these headphones daily ourselves, we created them because we needed a solution to our problem!
* IPX6 sweat proof and water proof – meaning you can spray them with water and they will be fine, just cannot submerge for long periods of time! With that said, I have washed mine in the washer – oops! and they were actually fine!
* Thick heavy duty cord used, so you never have to worry about the cord coming away from the bud.
* Safety design, designed so the bud never leaves the cord.
* Snug bud so outside noise is cancelled.
* You will not be disappointed with these headphones, I personally have updated any issues myself for future models. If you need any support or help, I will be glued to my phone for any questions or concerns.

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